A smile is one of our most valuable assets. If you are missing teeth in either or both of your arches, dentures could be the best solution for you.

Here at Redbank Plains Dental we offer full or partial arch replacement options to give our patients the functionality they need. Whether you struggle eating, speaking or even simply smiling, we can provide you with a solution.


Dentures are prosthetic teeth created to look as natural teeth. They provide a structural balance for your facial features and restore speech and chewing abilities to the wearer. Dentures can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Improve the appearance of your face and smile
  • Add support to your facial structure
  • Prevent changes to the facial aesthetics and jaw
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Improve your speech ability
  • Assist with chewing ability
  • Will last for up to ten years if looked after

Generally dentures are removable unless fixed with dental implants. It is important to replace missing teeth because gaps in your smile can create very serious problems for your oral health. The facial muscles begin to sag without the support and the jawbone degenerates from lack of use.

There are a handful of different ways we can help you restore functionality to your face with teeth replacement methods.