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    5 Tips for a Healthy Mouth and a Beautiful Smile

    5 Tips for a Healthy Mouth and a Beautiful Smile

    Once your adult teeth come in, that’s all you get, just one set. That’s why it is vitally important to learn to care for your teeth properly. In addition to making you more comfortable, and attractive to others, a healthy smile can help you maintain your overall health. Here are 5 tips for a beautiful smile.

    Regular Dental Checkups

    Dentists are not just for problem teeth. By scheduling and keeping up with regular checkups, you can help to prevent major damage, establish a better oral health regimen and spot early warning signs to minimize the damage.

    Brush and Floss Every Day

    Brushing and flossing between meals can eliminate harmful acids and sugars that will promote decay. Removing food particles, and residue from food and drink is essential. It helps to prevent the decay that takes place from normal consumption of food and drink. Brushing and flossing technique are also crucial – here’s a comprehensive guide to proper brushing and flossing technique to get you all ‘brushed up’.

    Healthy Diet

    Foods that stain the teeth, contain a lot of sugar, or are too hard, can be tough on teeth. By choosing fruits and vegetables that naturally clean teeth and help neutralize harmful elements, you can prolong the life of your smile.  Here’s a list of tooth-healthy foods to set you on the right path.

    Have Sealants Applied

    Dental sealants are thin, clear shields that prevent decay and promote proper cleaning. Sealants are often applied to back molars, that are hard to reach and difficult to keep clean. Sealants are an easy, inexpensive way to prevent cavities and protect teeth whenever possible. They are most often applied to teeth that are hard to reach when brushing or flossing.

    Prevent Damaging Blows and Crunching

    One major factor in dental repair, is injury. By wearing a mouthguard, when active in things like sports you might save yourself from a long drawn out repair process, or even tooth loss. Hard, heavy foods are another primary cause of breaking teeth…

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