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    Vitamin K2 – The Secret to Healthy Teeth

    Vitamin K2 – The Secret to Healthy Teeth

    We all want healthy teeth, and for the most part, we know how to achieve that. Since childhood, we’ve been told again and again – by our parents, our dentists, and just about everyone else, just how important it is to brush and floss regularly in order to prevent decay and have a winning smile. But there’s something else that could help with that smile too – Vitamin K2.

    What is Vitamin K2?

    Vitamin K2 is a form of Vitamin K – which is a nutrient that helps defend against blood clotting. While Vitamin K2 isn’t widely known, research has shown that it plays a vital role in regulating where the calcium in your body goes. We all know that calcium can help your teeth and bones grow strong, but in the wrong places – like your liver, kidneys, and arteries – calcium can wreak havoc.

    What are the effects?

    When consumed, Vitamin K2 activates a protein called osteocalcin. Osteocalcin is one of the major proteins when it comes to dental health, and when activated by Vitamin K2, it triggers the growth of new dentin. Dentin is the calcified tissue under the enamel of your teeth, which helps to keep them strong and free from cavities. As a result, a diet that includes K2 is a diet that help your teeth grow strong – no matter how old you are.

    How does it work?

    As we mentioned above, Vitamin K2 activates a protein that helps increase your dentin, and it also helps your body to regulate where the calcium in your body goes. This means that Vitamin D3 is just as important as Vitamin K2, and Vitamin D3 is all about the absorption of calcium into your body.

    It’s much easier to supply our bodies with Vitamin D, but without Vitamin K2 steering the calcium to our bones and teeth, Vitamin D3 could be hurting us rather than helping us. When they work together, the calcium is directed to the parts of our body that need it the most and absorbed safely.

    How can I get more Vitamin K2 in my diet?

    Unfortunately, it isn’t very easy to find out if whether we’re getting enough Vitamin K2, and it’s also difficult to consume in large quantities, but there are several sources available to help you get the good stuff into your system, including:

    • Natto – which is the best source of Vitamin K2
    • Grass-fed butter and cheese
    • Grass-fed beef
    • Chicken and chicken liver
    • Egg yolks
    • Supplements

    And there you have it – the secret vitamin that could change the health of your teeth for life!

    However, Vitamin K2 can’t do everything by itself. Brushing and flossing still play a major part in dental health, as does visiting your dentist. Redbank Plains Dental is your local Brookwater Dentist, and we’re always here to help.

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