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    How much does wisdom teeth removal cost in the Ipswich area?

    How much does wisdom teeth removal cost in the Ipswich area?

    At Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich wisdom teeth removal prices will be around $1600 depending on the severity of your case.

    During your appointment, our team will assess your wisdom teeth on site using the latest OPG X-ray machine. At Redbank Plains Dental we will only ever prescribe wisdom teeth extraction treatment for patients where necessary. If the tooth, gum and bone are healthy, wisdom teeth removal may not be required.

    During your assessment our team will analyse the condition of your smile and provide you with a diagnosis, a quote, cleaning advice and more so that you have all the facts prior to wisdom teeth removal treatment.

    Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed?

    A Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich, we will only prescribe what is best for the patient. Our treatment plans are based on the patient’s unique condition. For some patients, their wisdom teeth will be healthy, strong and unobtrusive. However for others, one or more of their wisdom teeth may be causing pain or infection.


    In a large number of cases, there will be impacted wisdom teeth. This is where the tooth remains under the gums or pushes into the other natural teeth.

    Although some dentists may say otherwise, not all impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed. You may wish to have your wisdom teeth removed to avoid the risk of problems occurring in the future. However if the tooth is not causing pain, decay or inflammation of the gums, extraction may not be necessary at that the time of your assessment.

    When this is the case, our dentists will instead monitor your wisdom teeth during your check-up appointments. This way we can track the tooth’s development, progress and health; providing feedback and care instructions where necessary.


    If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth, peruse the following symptoms. One or more symptoms may be affecting you:

    • Abscesses
    • Tooth decay
    • Dull headaches
    • Gum inflammation
    • Jaw tightness
    • Facial pain
    • Fever

    There are a number of different symptoms that you may experience depending on the severity of your case.

    Wisdom teeth removal cost Ipswich area

    Do you live in Ipswich, Redbank Plains, Redbank, Springfield, Goodna, or any other surrounding areas? Redbank Plains Dental offers wisdom tooth removal treatment for around $1600 depending on difficulty. For more information about wisdom teeth, follow through to our related pages here:

    Contact Dr Lakh Sanga and his team at Redbank Plains Dental and book your wisdom teeth consultation today.

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