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    The Benefits of Adult Braces

    The Benefits of Adult Braces

    As technology in the dental industry has progressed, many of the stereotypes and assumptions surrounding braces have started to disappear. While you might previously have associated braces with awkward teenagers and clunky metal “train tracks”, this is no longer the case.

    There are plenty of reasons why someone might consider getting braces at a more advanced age. Maybe the stereotypical teenage braces weren’t available to them when you were younger, or perhaps your dental issues didn’t arise until later in life. Whatever the case, there are countless benefits to getting braces as an adult.

    They’re Invisible

    As an adult, it would be easy to get put off from the idea of walking around for months or years with metal brackets strapped to your teeth. But thanks to the advanced technology of companies such as Invisalign and Damon, braces can now be virtually invisible, leaving you with nothing to feel self-conscious about.

    They’re Convenient

    Just a couple of years ago, braces were much more of an inconvenience for anyone who had them. The pain that came with having them tightened could last for days, leaving you with nothing to eat but soup and ice cream, and every time a small adjustment needed to be made, a time-consuming trip to the orthodontist was needed.

    Now, having braces is almost no inconvenience at all. Visits with your dentist can be as infrequent as once every four months, and with technologies such as Invisalign, all that is necessary for you to do is to change your retainer on the appropriate dates – no visit required.

    Many braces now have the ability to be removed during meals, as opposed to being permanently affixed to your teeth, meaning that keeping them clean couldn’t be easier.

    They Increase Your Confidence

    Through your smile, you project your personality onto the world. If you are always laughing and smiling with others, they see you as a confident, happy person. For those with insecurities about their teeth, being confident can be difficult.

    Adult braces are a way to fix a problem that may have plagued you for many years, and the result will be someone who is proud of their smile, and not afraid to show it whenever they can.

    They Improve Your Oral Health

    Not only can adult braces help to increase your confidence and your overall appearance – they can also help your health. Whether there are problems that were never addressed when you were younger or issues that have arisen as you’ve aged, adult braces can help with a number of dental problems.

    There are plenty of health risks that you may be susceptible to, especially if you have trouble with crooked or overcrowded teeth, a misaligned bite, or an incorrectly placed jaw. These risks can range from headaches and earaches to tooth decay, gum erosion, and joint disorders.


    If you’re unsure or think you may benefit from adult braces, contact our Ipswich dentist today to find out more.

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