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    5 Teeth Problems Veneers can Fix Easily

    5 Teeth Problems Veneers can Fix Easily

    In today’s society, the look of your smile carries an incredible amount of importance.


    Chips, cracks, stains and gaps – this is just the top of a long list of little issues that can make a big difference when it comes to your teeth. Getting them sorted is important – but many people don’t know exactly where or how to do it.


    There are various solutions to fix aesthetic/cosmetic concerns, ranging from aesthetic fillings, orthodontic work, or even veneers.

    If you’ve got a cosmetic issue with your teeth and are curious about solutions, you’re in the right place. We’re going to go over what veneers can fix, and how they fix it.

    What are Veneers?


    To start, we’ll quickly define veneers. Veneers are essentially small masks for your teeth. A veneer is a thin, tooth-shaped bit of porcelain or composite material that is custom-suited to match the patient’s teeth, and then bonded to the surface of a troublesome tooth. Veneers can make stained or damaged teeth look like new relatively quickly, and with relatively little invasive procedure.


    The basic process is this: your dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel from the damaged tooth – about ½ of a millimeter. A veneer is custom-made to fit the missing area of that tooth. The veneer is then bonded to the damaged tooth, forming a natural-looking cover which will make the tooth look and feel like new.


    5 Problems Veneers can Fix

    Let’s go over the specific types of problems veneers can fix.


    1. Teeth that are worn down.
      Veneers can be placed as a sort of cap on worn down teeth, building them back up to their original appearance.


    1. Chipped or broken teeth.

    Chipped or even broken teeth can also be remedied by veneers. They provide a visual covering, and in most cases can solve the root problem by bonding the damaged tooth together and protecting it from any harm.


    1. Stained teeth.

    Some stains can’t be removed by brushing, but can be covered by veneers. Just like with chipped or broken teeth, the covered area will also be protected from further staining.


    1. Crooked or misshapen teeth.

    In some cases, braces aren’t required to fix teeth that are out of alignment. Craters can be filled in, and bulges or teeth that stick out can be trimmed down and covered with a veneer.


    1. Gaps between teeth.

    In some cases, even gaps can be treated with veneers. After the initial trim-down, veneers that are slightly bigger can be fitted to fill what were gaps between the teeth.


    Thinking About Veneers?


    Thinking about veneers for yourself? For more detail on what’s involved and what you need to know, read our article: I’m Thinking of Getting Veneers – What Do I Need to Know?
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