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    6 ways to get rid of canker sores

    6 ways to get rid of canker sores

    Do you have a canker sore you need to get rid of? These are red, sore, punched-out ulcers that can be found on the lips and soft tissues. They may appear as a single ulcer, but may also appear as multiple ones. These sores will often heal over and settle on their own over a matter of days, however, if these sores persist over weeks, book in with your dentist for further investigation! That being said, here are some methods to help alleviate the discomfort canker sores can cause:

    Salty water

    Warm salt water rinses are an effective, cheap solution to help relieve pain. Simply mix some salt in warm water, swish and rinse twice a day or as needed. 


    Over-the-counter creams and moisturizers can help create a moisture barrier to prevent the sores from drying and causing further irritation. 

    Over-the-counter anesthetics 

    You can also purchase local anesthetics to dull the discomfort. Simply ask your local pharmacist for Xylocaine (Lidocaine) ointment and use sparingly over the sore. 

    Avoid certain food and beverages

    Some food and beverages aggravate the pain, particularly those that are hot in temperature, or acidic in nature. These can trigger or exacerbate your discomfort! 

    Visit Your Local Dentist

    If your symptoms persist over the course of weeks, or often recurs, contact your local dentist, such as Redbank Plains Dental, for further investigation.

    You can discuss your options with your local Goodna dentist and book an appointment today.

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