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    Announcing our New Cerec Crown Machine!

    Announcing our New Cerec Crown Machine!

    Redbank Plains Dental is following our dedication to using the latest technology to improve care for our patients with the addition of an Omnicam Sirona Cerec machine. The Cerec allows crowns and other appliances to be crafted in one visit and makes the process much more pleasant.

    Less Invasive Design Procedure

    Since the Cerec works from a 3d image of your mouth, there’s no need for mold making that can be uncomfortable, especially for those with a sensitive gag reflex. We appreciate this as much as the patient, as it makes our jobs easier and reduces discomfort.

    • Cameras take an accurate image from all sides of the affected area, to map necessary repairs.
    • Avoid numbing injections required when dealing with sensitive areas.
    • Your dentist creates your appliance in house, meaning higher quality and no more multiple visits.

    Avoid the Painful Interim

    With older methods, crowns require multiple visits, taking up more of your time and extending your discomfort. With same visit crowns from our Cerec, you can get back to your life sooner. It allows us to help more patients, by making good dentistry more convenient.

    • No more temporary crowns that may be uncomfortable, painful, or often fall out and require replacement.
    • No need to take extra time away from your work, or family to restore your smile.
    • Since the work is completely mapped to your mouth, repairs are less noticeable and more comfortable and often last longer.

    More Versatility and Accuracy in our Repairs

    With Cerec, we can use a wider variety of potential solutions for each patient. This means we are able to provide you with the fix you need, rather than relying one size fits all techniques that may be less than optimum.

    • Wider variety of available materials for constructing appliances to suit your needs.
    • Repairs happen faster, meaning there’s less chance of additional damage between appointments.
    • Since the Cerec software is integrated from camera to crown production, the results are more precise for a more successful fit and more natural feel.
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