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    Are my wisdom teeth coming through?

    Are my wisdom teeth coming through?

    Are you unsure if your wisdom teeth are coming through?

    There are a number of ways to find out if your wisdom teeth are coming through. Generally if you are in your mid teen to early twenties, there is a likely chance that your wisdom teeth may be due to arrive.

    Find out the 3 main symptoms that you may or may not have noticed with dentist Dr Lakh Sangha at Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich.


    • Aching jaw and headaches

    If you are noticing that your jaw is sore or throbbing, there is a chance that your wisdom teeth have started to emerge. Pain from the jaw up to your temples and headaches are some of the first symptoms. These symptoms are often overlooked because it can be hard to determine where the pain is coming from.

    • Pus coming from the gums

    If you are finding a little bit of strange liquids in your mouth, your gums could be infected from the tooth coming through. This generally occurs when there is not enough room for the wisdom tooth to emerge. It can be a problem for wisdom teeth that are partially erupted or not yet erupted. The condition is called pericoronitis and it’s where an overlaying part of the gums is catching food particles. The bacteria leads to infection which causes pus.

    • Red, swollen or inflamed gums

    Red, swollen or inflamed gums are also possible symptoms of pericoronitis. Gently feel your way along to the back of your jaw with your tongue. If your gums are irritated or red, it could be a sign of your wisdom teeth coming through.

    Are your wisdom teeth coming through?

    Do you think you could be feeling any of these symptoms? If you are, it is important that you contact a dentist and book in for an x-ray. Here at Redbank Plains Dental we have the appropriate dental technology to ensure your wisdom teeth appointment is carried out with practiced and gentle hands.


    By acting quickly, our dental team can assess and remove your wisdom teeth (if necessary) before they cause too much damage to your smile. It is better to have your wisdom teeth removed at a younger age. This is because the roots are still forming when you are young so the healing process is generally quicker.

    Find out more about wisdom teeth with our treatment page here.

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