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    How to Convince Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

    How to Convince Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

    For many parent’s, teaching kids good dental hygiene twice a day can be a battle. While it’s largely preventable, tooth decay remains one of the most common chronic diseases among children aged 6-19. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to speech delay, dental pain, infections and in some cases diabetes. It’s never too early to make brushing and flossing a part of the kids morning and night routines. Many dentists recommend starting dental care even before your child’s first tooth arrives. We’ve covered the basics of oral care for kids, here’s how to convince your kids to brush their teeth (and enjoy it).

    Lead By Example
    We’ve all seen the reaction kids have when they watch dad shave, or when mum goes through her skin care routine. So let’s take this approach when it comes to brushing our teeth. Let your kids watch you while you go through flossing and brushing. Make a point to brush your tongue, massage your gums and reach to your furthest back teeth. Use exaggerated gestures to show children very clearly each critical step. At the end, check your pearly whites in the mirror and narrate how you’ve done a great job at cleaning your teeth. 


    Let Your Kids Practice on Others
    This might be uncomfortable for you, but if it works then it was worth it. If you’re tired of fighting your child to open their mouths and let you brush their teeth, reverse the roles and let them practice on you. Use exaggerated expressions to let your kids know they are doing a good job. If you don’t want your kids practising on you, they can always try brushing the teeth of their favourite stuffed animal or doll. It will be equally as fun when a toy is involved.


    Reward Your Kids For Brushing Their Teeth
    Create a toothbrush calendar and buy sets of stickers your kids will love. When your kids are done brushing their teeth in the morning and night, reward them by placing a sticker on the calendar. Keep the stickers hidden so that it remains an exciting surprise and incentivises them to brush! 

    Dance, Play and Brush
    Add some music to your daily routine, dance around the bathroom and when you’re done brushing your teeth, the music stops. You could also play an audiobook of their favourite story in the background to encourage them to brush their teeth. 


    Try a New Toothpaste Flavor

    Let your child pick their own toothbrush and toothpaste. Choosing a toothbrush with your child’s favourite character might make brushing more fun. Opt for a fluoride toothpaste that comes in a variety of different flavours.

    Brushing and flossing can be difficult for little hands, make sure you are using age-appropriate tools for your toddlers. Creating a fun and exciting routine at home will ensure that your child develops a lifelong habit of caring for their teeth. Scheduling regular dental check-ups for your children are also important. Book a consultation with our team of professionals at your Collingwood Park dentist today. 

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