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    Dental FAQs – Your Questions Answered

    Dental FAQs – Your Questions Answered

    Haven’t visited the dentist in a while and don’t know where to start? Experiencing pain or discomfort and wondering what it is? Perhaps you’re looking for a dentist and want to know what specific offerings to keep an eye out for? Or maybe you’re wondering about various treatments and costs?

    You may not think about the dentist very often, but when you do – the questions start rushing in.

    In this article, we answer some of those queries that pop up most frequently for us.

    We’ll admit right away that this list isn’t fully comprehensive. It couldn’t possibly be – you need to speak directly to an experienced dentist to truly answer all your questions. For this, you can contact us at Redbank Plains Dental.

    But for a start, have a read through the list below. We’ve organised it into several sections for easy browsing and linked to more detail where we know of reliable sources


    General Dental Questions

    How often should I visit my dentist?

    A general rule of thumb is once every 6 months. If you are in particularly good dental health and take great care of your teeth, once every 12 months might suit you.

    Everyone’s needs are different, so have a chat with your dentist about how often you should get a checkup based on the condition of your mouth, teeth, and gums.


    When should I get my wisdom teeth taken out?

    If your wisdom teeth don’t come in correctly, they can start causing you problems anywhere from your mid-teens through to your late twenties.

    Some dentists recommend getting them removed during your teens, before they have a chance to fully form.

    Other dentists will recommend that you wait to see if your teeth will cause problems at all.

    For more information, we’ve written the following article: When should I get my Wisdom Teeth Out?


    What kind of cosmetic tooth defects can dentistry fix?

    Simply put, it is rare to find a cosmetic defect that dentistry can’t fix. Missing teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, stained teeth – all of these and more can be addressed with cosmetic dentistry.

    Health Direct, a government information site, has a great directory of cosmetic dentistry info.

    How Much does a General Checkup Cost?

    The question of price is always a tricky one with dentistry simply because it varies so much from practice to practice. But according to choice.com.au, the average price for a dental check-up in Australia is $231.

    If you’re looking to save, it helps to shop around a bit and to make sure your dentist works with your health fund. We’ve got a few great tips to help you save money at the dentist.

    At Redbank Plains Dental, we always strive to offer the best treatment at the most affordable cost possible. Our new patient special, for example, offers a comprehensive checkup at $190 for adults and $85 for kids. We also work with all health funds, so we’re guaranteed to accept yours.


    I get nervous about dental treatment… can you help?

    Experiencing anxiety or outright fear about a trip to the dentist is very common. Dental care is critical to overall health, so completely avoiding the dentist is not an option.

    Our best advice is to search for a dentist that offers sensitivity to this common fear. At Redbank Plains Dental, we specialise in gentle care. We also offer a Penthrox inhaler to combat this fear. Penthrox is a substance similar to happy gas, only more effective and less expensive.


    Where can I learn more about dental treatment?

    If you’ve still got questions about general dentistry, visit us online or contact us for more information.

    If you’d like to learn without visiting or speaking with us, we’ve created a comprehensive DVD covering a wide breadth of topics. Contact us at the link above to request the DVD.


    Emergency Questions

    I’ve got a dental emergency! What do I do?

    If you’re facing an immediate emergency, call us now on (07) 3814 3311.

    If you’ve got time to read about what to do, visit this Queensland government website.

    And if you’ve chipped, broken or knocked out a tooth, read our article on the subject.

    Questions about Us – Redbank Plains Dental

    What general dentistry treatments do you offer?

    In our modern practice we provide patients with general, cosmetic, preventative and restorative care. This means we have a service for most needs, from general checkups through to dental surgery and even braces. We treat all ages from young children through to seniors. Learn more about what we offer on our services page.


    What Health Funds do you work with?

    Redbank Plains Dental partners with all health funds.

    We are also member’s choice for many funds including Medibank Private, TUH, HCF, AHM, and Smile. Our goal is to get the maximum rebate possible for all of our patients.


    What areas do you serve?

    It’s all in the name: Redbank Plains Dental serves Redbank Plains. But our service doesn’t stop there – we provide dental care for the entire Ipswich region. Looking for a dentist in Collingwood? We serve all local suburbs with dedication.

    Got More Questions?

    As we mentioned before, there’s no way any single list of dental questions can be comprehensive. For the best answers, give us a call and our gracious staff will be happy to help.
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