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    Dental Implants: Five Myths Busted For Good

    Dental Implants: Five Myths Busted For Good

    We sometimes forget how lucky we are to have access to complex treatments like dental implant surgery. Not only do they enhance our smile and looks, but they also prevent serious dental issues caused by tooth loss. Thanks to advancements in technology, we are now able to maintain a beautiful healthy smile despite having lost a tooth.

    Many patients who are interested in getting dental implants might be hesitant to undergo this procedure because of various myths surrounding it. Let’s shed some light on the matter and bust these myths for good!

    Myth #1: Dental implant surgery is a painful procedure

    Minimally painful procedures have been the norm in dentistry for quite a while. Dental implant surgery starts with local anaesthesia so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain throughout the procedure. It’s also important to have the surgery at a reputable clinic – an experienced dental professional will ensure everything runs smoothly, with minimal discomfort. Find out if your dentist has undergone additional training or if they specialise in implant surgery.

    Another option is to choose sedation dentistry that puts the patient to sleep during the surgery using nitrous sedation or inhalation sedation. This is particularly appealing to people who have dental anxiety.

    Myth #2: Dental implantation is risky

    Before an implant procedure you need to be assessed by the dentist to see if you’re a good candidate. Needless to say you’ll not go ahead with the surgery if there are considerable risks involved.

    Over the past decades, dental implant technology has evolved to the point where 95% of procedures are successful. It’s also good to know that only the best dental practitioners and surgeons are licensed to perform implant surgery.

    Even the postoperative phase is easy to handle. The healing process shouldn’t involve any pain, swelling or discomfort that will affect your quality of life.

    Myth #3: Dental implants don’t look like your natural teeth

    The crown installed on the implant matches the colour of your teeth, so no one will know the difference. The only issue that might arise in time is that the porcelain of the crown won’t stain as easily as your teeth when exposed to the worst culprits of teeth staining, like coffee or smoking. That being said, as long as you maintain good oral hygiene and go to your dentist regularly for cleaning, you won’t have this issue.

    Myth #4: Dental implants require special care

    Unlike bridges, dental implants don’t require any special flossing techniques. The best way to take care of them is to brush and floss as you would your normal teeth.

    If you have bridges fixed on dental implant anchors, then yes, these require special care, because the bridges hover over the gumline, creating a narrow passage in which food can easily get stuck. Your dentist can teach you exactly how to floss the area under the bridge in order to prevent any gum issues and cavities.

    Myth #5: Dental implants are only for old people

    The truth is that when a person loses their teeth because of old age, they may not be a suitable candidate for major surgery, which is why dentures are often the way to go. But get your dentist to assess your situation and oral health and discuss these options with you.

    Dental implants are a great solution for anyone who has a fully developed jaw bone and has lost a tooth for different reasons, from accidents to infections. If the patient has gum issues like gingivitis, these need to be treated before placing an implant.

    If you’re considering dental implants but have other concerns that you would like to address, your local dentists in Brookwater would be happy to sit down with you and put your mind at ease!

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