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    Denture Care: How to Take Care of Dentures

    Denture Care: How to Take Care of Dentures

    Do you have dentures? Whether they are full or partial dentures, they require constant care, and a good clean to keep them bacteria free. Use this article as a guide, and learn how to look after, handle and clean dentures to increase their longevity.

    Remove Dentures After Eating

    Much like regular teeth, food debris has a habit of getting stuck in teeth and causing havoc. After eating with your dentures it’s important that they’re washed, and all food debris is removed. Run water over dentures to remove any food, and set them to dry.

    Tip: Be careful when you wash your dentures! If dropped, they can smash.

    Watch For Changes After Fit

    Over time dentures can begin to feel uncomfortable, or loosen. If this is the case it’s a good time to check in with your dentist. Gums and the bones in your mouth shift over time, and consequently affect the fit of your dentures. If you begin to experience discomfort, burning or sores consult your dentist as soon as possible.

    Take a Break

    Dentures should not be left in the mouth for long periods of time. Dentures damage your mouth (and dentures) if left in for longer than recommended. The best time to remove dentures is before going to bed. The damage is caused during the day, as the dentures can rub against your gums and other mouth tissues. Taking them off overnight not only removes bacteria and stains from the dentures, but it removes the risk of choking on the dentures whilst sleeping.

    Clean Daily

    Although dentures aren’t your real teeth, they still require the same attention and care as real teeth would. When dentures aren’t cleaned, much like teeth, they grow bacteria and can begin to impact the gums, and can lead to infection throughout the mouth. Use special denture disclosing tablets found at your dental clinic, supermarket or chemist.

    The Don’ts

    There is a wrong way to clean dentures, which can cause damage or reduced longevity.

    Don’t use:

    • Abrasive cleaning products.
    • Whitening toothpaste.
    • Hot water.

    Soak Overnight

    Dentures need to be moist to keep their shape and stay comfortable in your mouth. Get the most out of your dentures and place them in water or denture-soaking solution overnight. Consult your dentist for the proper way to soak your dentures to avoid any damage.

    Regular Dental Check-Ups

    Not having teeth isn’t a free pass from your dentist! If you have dentures, make sure you’re having regular checkups with your dentist. Regular checkups will ensure the dentures are fitting right in the mouth. When denture issues go untreated, they can cause greater oral problems. Better to be safe than sorry!

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