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    How your diet affects your Oral Health

    How your diet affects your Oral Health

    Modern processed foods and drinks often contain more sugar than you’d expect them to contain. Snacks and drinks marked as healthy alternatives also contain excessive amounts of sugar that you wouldn’t even know about unless you took the time to study the nutrition label on the packaging. Many people choose these sugar-laden products because they are a quick and easy alternative to healthier options but in the long run, they can have a detrimental effect on health, particularly dental health. Tooth decay has long been correlated with excess sugar and although most foodstuffs, including high-sugar foods, can be consumed in moderation, they should never be consumed as part of a regular diet. Preparing healthy snacks and meals at home and replacing carbonated and sweetened fruit drinks with water may seem like hard work but your teeth will reap the benefits.

    Embracing a healthy lifestyle

    Looking after your oral health doesn’t need to be difficult. Daily brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups in combination with an awareness of the sugar content in common foods and drinks are the main elements. Foodstuffs such as carbonated drinks and lollipops are perennial favourites with children, but excess consumption can result in dental issues that can not only be painful but also result in other potentially serious health conditions later in life. By all means indulge in your favourite treats from time to time but be aware of the damage they can do to your teeth.

     If you need to see a dentist for a check-up, need advice on foodstuffs to avoid for optimum oral health or experiencing tooth pain that needs further investigation, make an appointment to see our friendly Collingwood Park dentist today. 

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