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    Foods to Avoid if You Want White Teeth

    Foods to Avoid if You Want White Teeth

    Dentists agree that your daily dental health regimen is the best tool in your arsenal for a whiter, healthier smile, but there are some things you should consider eliminating, or at least limiting in your diet to keep your smile pearly white.

    Acidic Food and Drink

    Anything high in sugar, or acid, like soda, high fructose corn syrup and sugary sweets will damage the enamel of your teeth. While this doesn’t necessarily darken them, it removes essential protective layers, making them susceptible to staining.

    • Switch to sugar free, or low sugar options, or drink water for optimum results.
    • Choose snacks such as vegetables and fruit that promote dental health and help reduce the effects of damage.
    • One exception is cocoa, which has some positive effect, reducing inflammation and helping prevent erosion and decay. Chocolate fans, choose lower sugar dark chocolate for better results.

    Avoid Staining Agents

    Drinks, like tea and wine have acidic qualities that etch the enamel. Since they are generally sipped they stay in the mouth longer and have plant tannins that are natural staining agents.

    • Sweetened tea and sugary “dessert” wines increase the effect.
    • Brushing immediately following consumption can help prevent staining but not as much as reducing or eliminating them from the diet.
    • Coffee is also a major staining agent.

    Promote a Healthy Smile

    You’ve likely heard it said that the best offense is a good defense, and the best thing you can do to keep a bright smile is choose foods that promote dental health.

    • Citrus fruit and fruits like strawberries are high in healthy acids that help to remove stains, without damaging enamel.
    • Crunchy foods, such as nuts and seeds, that are soft enough to safely chew, have a polishing effect that helps to remove surface stains.
    • The Sulphur in onions makes them a benefit to oral health, although not to your breath. There is a catch, they have to be eaten raw, perhaps as part of a green salad.
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