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    Invisalign vs Braces: Which One Is Better?

    Invisalign vs Braces: Which One Is Better?

    If you are considering orthodontic treatment, you have most likely heard of braces or Invisalign. Both are designed to straighten teeth while improving your smile and overall oral health. However, you might be left wondering which one is more cost-effective and which one will do a better job at straightening your teeth. 

    Metal Braces

    Metal Braces are the most common and widely used form of braces, they consist of a metal bracket which is adhered to each individual tooth, connected by a wire which will be tightened to re-adjust your tooth alignment. 


    Metal braces are extremely efficient at fixing complex issues and typically work faster than Invisalign. Treatment time varies depending on the patient, the average time with metal braces is anywhere from 18 months to 3 years. You will often see signs of improvement early on during treatment.


    While using metal braces, you need to be diligent with maintenance. There are quite a few foods to avoid, the brackets and wires will need to be readjusted, and they can be difficult to navigate when flossing. However, there are plenty of accessories which can be used to make your oral hygiene routine easier. Patients will schedule follow-up visits every 4-8 weeks. During these visits, the wire will be tightened or changed.


    There may be mild discomfort after each appointment, but it’s important you do not miss your check-ups. Missing too many appointments in a row will most likely prolong your treatment plan and cause further complications. 


    Invisalign is the more popular treatment option since they are removable and invisible. This allows you to remove the aligners to eat, brush and floss. The comfortable plastic trays are almost invisible, depending on your treatment you might need 12 to 48 trays. Your dentist will give you instructions on how and when to use them. 


    Average treatment time is between 6 and 18 months, but this can vary depending on the patient. You are required to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day, any deviation for this will prolong your total treatment time. 


    Follow-ups for Invisalign range from 4-6 weeks, and at each visit, you will be given a progress update. You will also change aligners every 1-2 weeks in order to keep up with the shifting of your teeth. This is an important part of the straightening process. If you skip your appointments and don’t change out your aligners when needed, you can prolong your treatment time. 

    Let Redbank Plains Dental help you decide the best treatment for you. Treatment isn’t only about straightening your smile, but working on improving your overall oral health. We will assess your dental history and work together to recommend the perfect treatment for the perfect smile. Get in touch with your Brookwater dentist and book a consult today!

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