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    Nigeria takes on world brushing record

    In a program to promote oral health, the government of Lagos, Nigeria takes on the world record

    An attempt is being made in Lagos, Nigeria to further educate and help Nigerians understand the importance of oral health. The initiative includes attempting to break the world record for number of people in one location brushing their teeth simultaneously. We at Redbank Plains Dental are ecstatic to hear how the Lagos government are emphasising the importance of good oral health. We know how poor oral health can significantly increase general health risk, which is why we endeavour to educate our patients on oral health.


    Did you know that poor oral health has been linked to Dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and most recently respiratory issues? At Redbank Plains Dental in Ipswich, we know, which is why we stress the importance of preventative dentistry both at home and in the dental chair.


    There are only a few steps you have to take to help prevent tooth decay and bacteria accumulation in the mouth.

    • Make sure you brush twice daily, at least. Your toothbrush should be changed around every three months and brushing should be done at a 45 degree angle to ensure the tooth and gum is reached.
    • Floss at least once daily. Plaque and tartar collect between the teeth and if not removed, can eat through enamel and cause decay.
    • Be sure to book an appointment with us every six months for a regular check-up, as this allows us to detect any issues in their infancy and treat them early.

    For more information on our treatments or to book an appointment at our Redbank practice, please contact us.

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