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    Restore your perfect smile with Redbank Plains Dental’s restorative dentistry!

    Sometimes we don’t have a choice when it comes to mending our teeth…

    While cosmetic dentistry can often be a luxury and a choice, there is a more complicated side of dentistry that is often required when you’ve been injured in an accident or you’ve experienced a form of tooth decay. Redbank Plains Dental is passionate about prevention, however sometimes our patients either don’t report their pain, they have a sudden injury or they are new patients who are sick of pain from periodontitis.

    Periodontitis is another word for gum disease and it can be a detrimental illness for dental and general health. Recent studies have found that periodontitis results in an increased risk of cancer and heart disease so that just shows that our recommendations for your oral health do not go in vain. Periodontitis is a painful and destructive illness which can detrimentally affect the health of your mouth as it caused by severe plaque which infects the teeth and gums. The infected teeth often have to be pulled and the gums have to be scraped of all signs of plaque residue. Once the gums and teeth have been cleaned, in the event that we do have to remove your tooth we will recommend you complete the treatment with a dental implant to full restore your brilliant smile.


    Dental implants are a restorative procedure which utilises the use of a titanium screw in the jaw to make a synthetic ‘root’. Once this biocompatible titanium screw has been secured you will have what looks like a metal bolt where you tooth used to be. A little later your dentist will be able to secure a prosthetic tooth – or porcelain crown to the top of the implant so that you can once again smile with confidence. No one will ever guess that you have a synthetic crown in your mouth as the porcelain will be colour-matched to the rest of your teeth to ensure subtle and perfect blending.


    Sometimes dental implant surgery can be a lot for our patients to take in, however we have to maintain that you simply cannot leave a gap where your tooth used to be as the rest of your natural teeth will shift while trying to close the gap. This will cause even more dental problems and increased dental costs down the track.


    In the event that you have lost more than one missing tooth your dentist at Redbank Plains Dental may suggest or give you the option to have dentures fitted to your mouth. Removable dentures are often full mouth, although they can also come in smaller inserts fitted for around 3 teeth spaces. Lots of people worry that dentists use generic dentures that will look oddly large in their mouth or just won’t look ‘right’. We can assure you that here at Redbank Plains Dental we tailor your dentures to fit your mouth with everything from size to colour. This means that you’ll be able to have a flawless smile with the convenience of being able to remove it.

    If you would like to find out more about our restorative procedures or more about our general dentistry please book an appointment with us at Redbank Plains Dental by contacting us here.Contact

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