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    Top Tips for Improving Your Child’s Dental Health

    Top Tips for Improving Your Child’s Dental Health

    Let’s be honest for a sec here – kids are great, but they may not be able to maintain their oral hygiene alone and as a parent, you’ll probably find yourself reminding them and helping them every day to make sure their pearly whites are clean. You might find yourself wondering if there’s something you’re missing or something you could do better. 

    Well, never fear because we have the perfect list of tips for you to go through and make sure you are protecting your child’s teeth.


    Sugary Foods, Begone!

    So, this one is pretty obvious, which is why we put this at the top of the list. Keeping your kids from consuming sugary drinks and foods is probably one of the biggest pieces of advice we can give. Sugary foods and drinks are everywhere and temptation lies at every corner where a store or vending machine may be lurking so this can potentially be harder than it originally sounds. 


    Twice, Not Once

    This one is also pretty obvious but we figured we’d include it anyway. Forming a habit is the key to getting children to do anything, so it’s key to form those habits early on. Brushing twice a day is an easy part of the morning and evening routine. 



    Ok, so not actual bribery but rewards for your children are a big part of making brushing teeth a more enjoyable aspect of daily life. Choosing their own toothbrush or being involved with a chart that has goals and rewards can be a huge boost to how eager your child is to brush their teeth. 


    Keeping Appointments

    This one is a doozy. Actually going to a dentist regularly and having your child’s progress checked on can be a huge boost to dental health because you’ll get to see and deal with problems before they even arise. Make it a ritual, make it routine, going every six months to a year after their first tooth comes through is best advised. 


    Don’t Spread the Love

    Sharing items used for drinking, eating or chewing with other children, even siblings can create big issues down the line as the bacteria in our mouths should, generally speaking, only stay in our mouths. Keep those sippy cups sanitised. 

    And that’s it! These are the basic tips on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy. Some of this, if not all of it, seems pretty obvious or straightforward and that’s because it is! These basic methods are simple and spoken about a lot because they work. So stick to a routine, eat the right food and see your local Springfield Lakes emergency dentist regularly.

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