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    We’re Always Prepared for your Dental Emergency

    We’re Always Prepared for your Dental Emergency

    You wake up in the morning with the worst toothache you have ever experienced. Or you bite down hard on a pitted cherry, only to discover that the stone’s still there and you’ve chipped a tooth.

    Or worse still, one of your front teeth gets knocked out completely during a friendly game of footy!

    These are all classed as dental emergencies, for which you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

    Nobody enjoys going to the dentist – and some people put it off as long as possible between visits! But if a dental emergency goes untreated, you could be in for some serious problems later in life.


    The good news is that modern dentistry has a solution for just about every mishap you might have with your mouth. Chips can be filled, missing teeth replaced.

    At Redbank Plains Dental we understand that such emergencies can be painful, inconvenient, embarrassing and even frightening. So we always keep appointments available every day – just in case.

    Our experienced and professional team will get straight to work assessing the situation and alleviating your immediate pain. They will then discuss with you the best plan of treatment.


    We always recommend that you contact us as quickly as possible when a dental emergency occurs. But if you can’t come in immediately, here are a few tips that will help.


    Rinse your mouth out well with warm water only, but avoid brushing or poking at the affected area. A cold compress applied to the face in the area of the pain can help relieve aching.

    It is very important not to wait too long before visiting us, as toothache could be a sign of a serious problem, such as an impacted wisdom tooth or abscess.


    There is not always immediate pain with a chipped tooth but immediate action is still recommended. Rinse your mouth with warm water, and also rinse and keep the pieces of broken tooth. As above, a cold compress applied to the face may be useful if the tooth starts to ache.

    Come and see us as soon as possible, bringing the pieces of broken tooth with you.


    This is nearly always distressing and frequently quite painful – but we can fix it! And for once, one of those old wives’ tales is correct! Retrieve the tooth and gently rinse it with water BUT do not scrub the tooth or remove any tissue. Then place the tooth is a small container of milk and come into the clinic as quickly as possible.

    If the tooth is checked and returned to its socket by your dentist within an hour, it’s more likely to be saved. If we cannot save your real tooth, we will discuss with you alternatives, such as crowns or implants.

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