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    Wisdom Teeth Removal: Why to See an Expert

    Wisdom Teeth Removal: Why to See an Expert

    There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when they have to consider their wisdom teeth. For the majority of people, wisdom teeth develop improperly or come in at the wrong angle. This can cause discomfort and pain, and will oftentimes result in health issues if the teeth are not removed.

    Most people know that they’ll need to take some action about their wisdom teeth – whether it’s simply getting them checked out, or getting them removed.

    However, fewer people know the details. Who should one see to have wisdom teeth examined? Who can remove them? Is there a reason to choose one dentist or surgeon over another?


    We’re going to go over these details and after reading this article, you’ll be armed with the information you need to deal with your wisdom teeth – or your child’s wisdom teeth – in the best way possible.


    Who can Remove Wisdom Teeth?

    For starters, let’s just straighten out who is licensed to remove wisdom teeth. Generally speaking, most dentists can remove wisdom teeth.

    In fact, it will likely be your dentist that first speaks to you about the subject. They’ll be able to see by your X-Rays whether your wisdom teeth are likely to cause complications, and may recommend getting them removed before these complications set in.

    After that recommendation, the choice whether to have it done by that dentist or by an oral surgeon is yours.

    The dentist will advise you either to have the wisdom teeth removed in the office (by the dentist) or by an oral surgeon (your dentist can refer you to such a specialist).

    If the dentist or their staff have experience with wisdom teeth, having the procedure done in the dentist’s office can be a good choice.

    But if you want general anesthetic, you may want to consider asking for a referral to an oral surgeon.


    Why See an Oral Surgeon

    The reasons you might want to see an oral surgeon, are as follows:


    1. You want to ‘go to sleep’ when you have the procedure.

      Oral surgeons are licensed to give you anaesthetics that ‘put you to sleep’ for the procedure. Some dentists offer this option (like we do at Redbank Plains Dental), but not all of them. So if you’d like to go to sleep during your wisdom teeth extraction, check whether your dentist provides that service, or look for an oral surgeon. Do be aware that being ‘put to sleep’ will come at a higher cost than getting local anaesthesia at the dentist’s office and getting the procedure done while you are still conscious.


    1. Your wisdom tooth extraction is complicated.

      No two wisdom teeth extractions are the same. Each case is unique, and if yours happens to be more difficult to resolve, a dentist who does not have a focus on wisdom teeth removal may not be able to perform the extraction.At Redbank Plains Dental, one of our team members is a wisdom tooth expert who can remove your wisdom teeth in chair, making the procedure more affordable than going to sleep. But for certain difficult cases, an oral surgeon may be the only one who can do the job.


    Thinking About Your Wisdom Teeth?

    If you’re wondering what to do about your wisdom teeth, the best place to start is a dentist. If you’ve already got one, bring the topic up at your next checkup.

    If you’re looking for a dentist in the Ipswich area, we can help. Redbank Plains Dental has been performing wisdom teeth extractions for over 30 years. We also employ a wisdom teeth expert especially for these cases. So if you’re looking for advice, extraction treatment, or just a friendly neighbourhood dentist in nearby suburbs such as Brookwater and Goodna, contact us.


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