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    Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Wisdom teeth removal during adolescence is a relatively common practice and one of those naturally occurring joys of growing up for some.

    Together with a first job and pimples, the throbbing pain in the back of your mouth was considered somewhat a rite of passage for those who developed wisdom teeth. However, few know what causes the pain and the potential implications of delaying treatment. The team at Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich want their patients to know the facts about wisdom teeth.

    What are wisdom teeth?

    Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are located in the very back on either side of your mouth. Their development and uncomfortable arrival can begin anytime during your teens to mid-20s. By the later stages, your wisdom teeth can potentially erupt or become impacted if they are not removed. For some blessed individuals, their wisdom teeth will be healthy and unobtrusive.  However, you’ll most likely need yours removed at some point since an estimated 85% of third molars eventually need to be removed according to The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

     What are impacted wisdom teeth?

    Wisdom tooth impaction occurs when the tooth remains under the gum or pressed into the other adjacent teeth.  This has blocked the tooth from emerging and can result in severe pain and inflammation in the mouth and jaw area.


    Not all impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed. At the time of your assessment, you may find that extraction is not necessary and instead our dentists will monitor your wisdom teeth with a check-up appointment. In this case, our dentists can track the tooth’s development, health, and provide necessary feedback and care instructions. You may wish to avoid the risk of problems occurring in the future and opt for your wisdom teeth to be extracted.

    What is wisdom teeth extraction?

    Wisdom tooth extraction is the process of removing a wisdom tooth. Our dentists will examine your teeth and prescribe the best treatment for your condition. In the case that an extraction is required, the relative ease of extracting your wisdom teeth depends on their position and stage of development. The extraction procedure is very common and is likely the best solution to relieve your wisdom teeth symptoms.


    At Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich, we will only prescribe what is best for the patient. Should you decide to keep your wisdom teeth, it is important to carefully clean the area daily and have the molars examined by your dentists regularly to ensure tooth and gum health.

    Redbank Plains Dental offers wisdom tooth removal treatment for around $1600 depending on the severity of your case.

    For more information on our services, or to book a consultation, please contact Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich today.

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